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Louis Langlois, Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Louis Langlois is Senior Vice President and Treasurer. He also serves as President of Alcoa Canada.

As Treasurer, Louis oversees the maintenance of corporate liquidity and financial stability, develops and manages strategies, operations, policies and budgets relating to treasury activities, and directs development of financial policies for capital allocation, working capital, treasury operations, foreign currency exchange and interest rate risk management, and liquidity risk management. Louis also leads direct capital markets, borrowing, investing, treasury operations, financial risk management and corporate finance initiatives, and supervises the maintenance of internal controls designed to safeguard corporate assets and the integrity of its fiscal systems.

Previously, Louis was Alcoa’s Director, Global Strategy, responsible for leading the portfolio review activities and implementing key strategic initiatives in close collaboration with the Operations and Finance functions. Prior to that, Louis held multiple roles in Strategy, Operations and Finance, as part of the former Aluminum and Smelting Business Units. Louis joined Alcoa Inc. as Tax Director, Canada in 2012. He brings a wealth of experience in multiple finance, operations and strategy roles at Alcoa as well as from Bell Canada, Deloitte and Andersen, where he worked in different tax positions supporting corporate restructuring and M&A transactions.

Louis graduated from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec in 1998, with a Bachelor of Commerce, with a concentration in Accounting, and in 1999, with a Postgraduate Degree in Public Accounting, and a CPA certification.