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The Board welcomes input and suggestions. Stockholders and other interested parties wishing to contact the Chairman, individual directors, or the non-management directors as a group may do so by sending a written communication to the attention of the Chairman c/o Alcoa Corporation, 201 Isabella Street, Suite 500, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

To communicate issues or complaints regarding questionable accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, send a written communication to the Audit Committee c/o Alcoa Corporation, 201 Isabella Street, Suite 500, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Alternatively, you may place an anonymous, confidential, toll free call in the United States to Alcoa’s Integrity Line at 1-800-346-7319. You may also make reports by web, email or standard mail. For a list of web, email and mailing addresses, and of Integrity Line telephone numbers outside the United States, go to “Who We Are – Ethics and Compliance – Integrity Line.”

Communications addressed to the Board or to a Board member are distributed to the Board or to any individual director or directors, as appropriate, depending upon the facts and circumstances outlined in the communication. On behalf of the Board, the Corporate Secretary’s Office will submit to the Board all communications received, excluding only those items that are not related to Board duties and responsibilities, such as junk mail and mass mailings; product complaints and product inquiries; new product or technology suggestions; job inquiries and resumes; advertisements or solicitations; and surveys.